Our products at Terres Cuites de Courboissy are characterised by the small specks of Kaolin on their surface.

These tiles and tommette flooring bricks come in rustic red more or less flambé versions, or in light beige and pinkish tones which go well with contemporary interiors and furniture. The natural colours of the clay are brought out through our expert firing technique which increases the variety of shades. Our terracotta tiles are naturally varied in appearance, with those cracks which testify to the passage of time. Neither perfectly smooth nor perfectly flat, they acquire a patina just like the old-time tiles that salvage dealers use for renovations.

Only a traditional production technique results in this authentic look: a subtle and natural mix of various colours of clay for a sturdy tile that blends in with all types of interiors.

Four collections are available: Courboissy, Prunoy, Chevillon and Dicy.

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